The mind is the sole source of all joy and suffering in the universe.

It’s also the source of every solution to every problem in the universe.

Unfortunately, over a billion minds are currently debilitated by a neurological disorder or mental illness.

Wasted Cognitive Power

That means the cognitive power of
brain cells is being wasted on creating internal universes of misery.

The Greatest Cost to Society

The financial costs of neurological disease are a massive drain of societal resources and make everyone poorer.

The World That Could Be

Imagine a world where the trillions of wasted dollars and billions of debilitated brains were instead used to discover new solutions to disease, poverty, war, and environmental destruction.

Why It’s Possible

This world is possible because these diseases are biochemical processes influenced by factors within our control. Progress toward a full medical understanding is being made. There are new discoveries published every day.

Will It Happen In Time?

Whether an effective means of prevention or treatment becomes available in time to help you or someone you love depends on the pace of research.

The Problem

The reason that medical progress is so deadly slow is that long-term longitudinal research has historically been very expensive. For example, it costs $41k per subject in a Phase III clinical trial. As a result, there is not a sufficient profit incentive for anyone to do research on the effects of any factor besides a molecule that can be patented.

Too Many Factors

In fact, unpatentable molecules comprise over 99.9% of the 4 pounds of over 7,000 different synthetic or natural chemicals you consume every day. Even the simplest possible example, a piece of fruit, contains dozens of known chemicals.

There are also hundreds of other factors that influence the severity and development of specific chronic illnesses. This includes the types and amounts of exercise, time spent in each phase of sleep, social interaction, environmental factors, and exposure to specific airborne molecules.

We Know Next to Nothing

Unfortunately, we do not know the optimal daily values for these factors. The optimal daily value (ODV) is the amount most likely to minimize the severity or development of these diseases.

The Solution

Your life consists of hundreds of natural experiments. Every time you eat something different, start or stop treatment, or change another factor in your life, you are altering an input variable. This change may or may not influence an outcome of interest such as the onset or severity of a disease.

Multiplying the thousands of natural experiments occurring in your life by the other 7 billion humans on the planet adds up to trillions of observational studies.

New technologies can be used to automatically collect this data making research 1000X cheaper and faster than ever before.

Data Collection

Using the Crowdsourcing Cures app or browser extension you can easily track your symptom severity.

Data Analysis

Once we’ve accumulated all of this data, the analytics engine cleans the data and mines it using pharmacokinetic modeling techniques, which take into account onset delays and durations of action to determine which factors have the strongest influence on a given outcome and what the optimal daily values are.

Search for the Most Significant Factors

And finally, you can select any symptom or outcome of interest and then see which factors are most predictive of that outcome.

Here we see the top factors most predictive of reduced inflammatory pain. The strongest predictor is Omega 3 Fatty acids. You can see that my inflammatory pain is typically 27% lower after I take 400mg of Omega 3 Fatty acids.

Open Research

We publish our anonymously aggregated analyses at the Journal of Citizen Science. So far, we’ve collected over 10 million data points on symptom severity and influencing factors from over 10,000 people. This data has been used to freely publish 90,000 studies on the effects of various treatments and food ingredients on symptom severity.

The anonymized data is freely available for anyone to analyze and derive new insights. Likewise, the CrowdSourcing Cures app source code is freely available for anyone to contribute to. We love pull requests!

You can help!

By anonymously donating your data, you will be accelerating the pace of scientific progress!

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