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Rate Ratios

Rate ratios are the ratio of the incidence rate in an exposed group divided by the incidence rate in an unexposed (or less exposed) comparison group. Consider an example from The Nurses’ Health Study. This prospective cohort study was used to investigate the effects of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on coronary artery disease in postmenopausal […]

Identifying Causal Relationships

Validation of Methodology A technique for identifying causal relationships involves calculating the correlation between two variables use various lagging parameters when pairing data cause and effect measurements.  The figure below is a demonstration of the validity of this technique that looks at the correlation between the number of minutes of cardiovascular activity and the calories […]

Data Quantity

The Foundation has collected over 10 million data points on symptom severity and influencing factors from over 10,000 people. The Foundation develops and applies predictive machine learning algorithms to the data to reveal effectiveness and side-effects of treatments and the degree to which hidden dietary and environmental improve or exacerbate chronic illnesses These analytical results have been used to freely publish 90,000 studies on […]

Macro-Level Epidemiological Data

This includes the incidence of various diseases over time combined with data on the amounts of different drugs or food additives. This is how it was initially discovered that smoking caused lung cancer. With macro-level data, it’s even harder to distinguish correlation from causation. However, different countries often enact different policies that can serve as […]

Data Sources

Individual Micro-Level Data – This could include data manually entered or imported from other devices or apps at, This could also include shopping receipts for foods, drugs, or nutritional supplements purchased and insurance claim data. Macro-Level Epidemiological Data – This includes the incidence of various diseases over time combined with data on the amounts of different drugs […]

Project Coordinator

Additional Program Coordinator responsibilities include: Planning and coordination of a program and its activities Ensuring implementation of policies and practices Maintaining budget and tracking expenditures/transactions Job brief We are looking for a competent Program Coordinator to undertake a variety of administrative and program management tasks. You will help in planning and organizing programs and activities […]

Potential Impact of Accelerating Research

It Feels Hopeless Problems like dementia and mental illness can seem massively overwhelming and hopeless for any one individual to make a significant impact. Billions have been spent trying to develop drugs to treat these conditions over the past several decades. However, there’s been very little progress. Indeed the prevalence of many of these diseases […]

Underlying Causes of the Increase in Neurological Disorders

Billions have been spent trying to discover pharmaceutical treatments for dementia and mental illness. However, the effort has been a near-total failure to this point. This suggests that we may benefit from looking for an underlying cause and means of prevention. Most people attribute depression and anxiety disorders primarily to life-events or genetics. Dementia is […]