The Unified Health API

The Unified Health API integrates the disparate health data standards in order to accelerate clinical research.

Online Data Browser

Contact [email protected] if you desire access.

Reference Data Sources

1. Nutritional Supplements

2. Units of Measurement

3. Medication

4. Symptoms and Diseases

5. Observations, Lab Test Results, and Biomarkers

6. Clinical Trials

AACT is a publicly available relational database that contains all information (protocol and result data elements) about every study registered in

7. Medical Codes, Terms, and Synonyms

The Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine (SNOMED) is a systematic collection of medical codes, terms, synonyms and definitions which cover

  • anatomy
  • diseases
  • findings
  • procedures
  • microorganisms
  • substances
  • etc.

SnoMed Databases

Data Schema


  • Open mHealth – common schemas define the meaningful distinctions for each clinical measure
  • Apple HealthKit – a set of schemas for the Apple HealthKit platform


  • FHIR – a standard for electronic health records
  • openEHR – openEHR is a technology for e-health consisting of open platform specifications, clinical models and software that together define a domain-driven information systems platform for healthcare and medical research.

Repository Notes

1. Democratic Pull Requests

2. Git Large File Storage

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