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  • 13
    Open Epidemiology Initiative
    3 weeks agoopen0
    The CDC should provide a simple website where one can enter any non-communicable diseases and see a correlation matrix and longitudinal chart of incidence and prevalence over time.... Read more
  • 10
    Crowdsourcing Cures App
    4 weeks agoopen0
    The Crowdsourcing Cures app collects and aggregates data on symptoms, diet, sleep, exercise, weather, medication, and anything else from dozens of life-tracking apps and devices. Then it analyzes this... Read more
  • 8
    FDA Mandate Initiative
    1 month agoopen0
    The FDA's primary mandate should be to maximize human health and safety and opposed to ensuring that no one ever have access to a treatment that may or may not be effective.... Read more
  • 6
    Journal of Citizen Science
    1 month agoopen0
    The Journal of Citizen Science publishes studies on the effects of various treatments and food ingredients on symptom severity.... Read more
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