Organization Structure and Advisory Boards

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Makes our data easily accessible to researchers
  • enabling researchers to easily share their data with us
  • quality control of published studies
  • helping researchers use our application to collect data from participants

Corporate Advisory Board

  • Identifies potential corporate targets for data-sharing partnerships with
    • health insurance companies
    • pharmacies
    • pharmaceutical manufacturers
    • supplement manufacturers
    • food delivery services
    • digital health companies
  • Identifies needs of corporations and communicates ways that we could provide value to them such as research, software development, and publicity
  • Identify early-stage profitable investment opportunities

Medical Advisory Board

  • Integrate our tools and data into medical practice to provide personalized precision medicine and optimize patient outcomes

Engineering Advisory Board

  • Identifies optimal infrastructure to facilitate a data science pipeline
  • Facilitate open source contributions to data collection and data analysis software