Our Work

We help everyone use human-generated data to reduce suffering.

We are the people who keep data free. There is an amazing community of people around the world that makes great projects like Crowdsourcing Cures. We help them do that work. We take care of the technical infrastructure, the legal challenges, and the growing pains.

Host free knowledge projects

The Foundation for the Eradication of Dementia and Mental Illness was established as a nonprofit in 2021 to give Crowdsourcing Cures a permanent home. We now host various collaborative research projects, a set of structured data, and beyond. We maintain the servers, build the software, and design the technology that keeps these projects running.

Deliver grants for good

We partner with Crowdsourcing Cures communities around the world to provide them with the support they need to do great work. We award grants to community members, affiliates, and nonprofit organizations. We fund hackathons, outreach efforts, events, and conferences. We help them get the word out for free data and discoveries.

Grow community around the world

When more people can access and contribute to free data and research, the better that knowledge reflects the world. We are committed to helping grow and sustain a healthy community across 170 nations. The Foundation is actively working to make our projects more inclusive.

Support data literacy worldwide

We help teachers and students of all ages access and use the full potential of projects for their learning objectives. Key pillars of our education work include promoting knowledge equity and teaching 21st-century skills.