Tag: Strategy

Building Non-Profit Networks

Build and nurture nonprofit networks, treating other groups as allies Ways We Build Non-Profit Networks Open Source Software We do this by creating open-source software that can be used by other research organizations to collect data and create studies. Affiliate Organizations We also sponsor local affiliate Crowdsourcing Cures Meetup groups. This involved bringing patients, physicians, […]

Inspiring Evangelists

Convert individual supporters into evangelists for the cause Great nonprofits see volunteers as much more than a source of free labor or membership dues. They create meaningful ways to engage individuals in emotional experiences. Ways We Inspire Evangelists We reward citizen scientists for their data donations and researchers for publishing studies using this data.

Serve Individuals and Advocate to Government on their Behalf

Work with government and advocate for policy change High-impact organizations don’t just focus on doing one thing well. They may start out providing great programs, but eventually, they realize that they cannot achieve systemic change through service delivery alone. So they add policy advocacy to access government resources or to change legislation, thus expanding their […]